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Alligator Alley is a swamp sanctuary with an elevated boardwalk where you can get an up close view hundreds of alligators & wildlife in their natural habitat.
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How Alligator Alley Started

Wes Moore, the owner of Alligator Alley, founded the alligator farm in 2004 to rescue alligators from unsafe environments. A majority of the alligators at the farm were transported from Florida swamplands to the swamp oasis in Summerdale, AL. While Alligator Alley does not accept...

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Farm Friends Feature: Pickles

If you’ve ever visited Alligator Alley, you’ve more than likely heard about Pickles. He’s one of the most popular alligators around the swamp, because he’s cute, friendly and loves to play dress up. Pickles is 10 years old, 7ft long and weighs 80 pounds, but...

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Getting to know GODFATHER

With a name like “Alligator Alley,” it’s no surprise our alligators get plenty of attention from visitors who come to see these reptiles roaming through the swamp. Yes, we are home to over 600 alligators, but did you know that we also have quite a...

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Hurricane Season at the Swamp

Hurricane season is upon us at the swamp. From June until the end of November, the Gulf Coast is prone to frequent tropical storms of various sizes. At Alligator Alley we take extra precautions like securing trash cans and other equipment when storms roll in...

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All About Reptiles

While Alligator Alley is home to over 600 alligators, it is also crawling with scaly friends of all kinds. From snakes and turtles to tortoises and frogs, we have countless reptiles to interact with at the farm. Here is all you need to know about...

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Protecting Your Alligator Pals Everywhere

Happy Earth Day from your pals at Alligator Alley! Here on the farm, we are preparing to celebrate with lots of sunshine and active feedings. When you visit Alligator Alley, you will most likely see our alligators lounging in the sun or taking a leisurely...

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